Stellify and employability

Designed in partnership with employers, our Stellify programme gives students a unique and personalised set of experiences outside their course so graduates not only have a Manchester degree but are adaptable, creative and globally minded.

What does 'Stellify' mean?

Stellify means 'to change, or be changed, into a star'. At Manchester, we want all our students to stellify themselves through our range of transformational academic and extracurricular activities helping them stand out, make their mark and make a difference to the world. They graduate ready for the world of work with soft skills honed through their own unique Stellify programme.

Why is it important at Manchester?

Manchester is the only university in the UK to have social responsibility as a core goal and we know that Corporate Social Responsibility is key value shared by many graduate recruiters. For our students, we take our commitment to social responsibility seriously, which is why we provide everyone with opportunities to make a difference and choose their own way of doing it.

What skills do stellified graduates have?

Our graduates leave Manchester with experience in:

• teamwork
• adaptability
• problem-solving
• critical observation
• conflict resolution
• leadership
• time management
• creative thinking

Some of the activities they’ll have taken part in include; community volunteering projects, representing their student body on academic boards, leading student societies, facilitating workshops for their peers, and our three annual Ethical Grand Challenges which encourages students to address some of the profound ethical challenges of the 21st Century.

How will I know if a student has completed the Stellify programme?

Students who complete three annual Ethical Grand Challenges, 40 hours of volunteering and two leadership roles alongside their studies receive the Stellify Award – a mark of Manchester excellence, so look out for a mention of the Stellify Award on CVs and applications.