Reverse Mentoring

Introducing our Reverse Mentoring scheme: a complimentary service for employers.

A recent graduate from The University of Manchester, employed at the Careers Service, will assess, and provide feedback on your early career/job placement advertisements. The review covers three key areas: website overview, potential improvements, and an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion analysis. This service is provided free of charge to participating employers.

Here's how it works

Upon agreement, we assign a mentor matching your needs. Within 1-2 weeks, they assess your website, followed by prompt delivery of the review. Lastly, a short 30-minute meeting concludes the process.

Employer benefits include

  • Direct access to recent graduates' insights at no cost
  • Tailored feedback on job vacancies to refine recruitment strategies
  • Enhanced employer brand through diverse perspectives
  • Proven success with 18 employers and diverse sector experience

For further details please contact