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With a student population of over 38,000, The University of Manchester is the biggest university in the UK offering over 400 degree programmes spread across four faculties.

The University of Manchester is one of the UK's most targeted universities by recruiters and employers (High Fliers Survey, 2015) with 91% of our graduates going straight into employment or further study (Which? University 2013).

There are a number of ways in which you can target our students to attract the best talent to join your business or organisation:

If you are a first time recruiter or a small business seeking recruitment advice and guidance please contact the team via

Target international students

If you are seeking to target our international students or are an international recruiter seeking our talented international graduates click here for further information.

Target postgraduate students

Every year some of the smartest undergraduates go on to postgraduate study. In addition, many mid-career professionals decide to widen their career options by undertaking postgraduate courses.

Most of the services open to those recruiting our undergraduates are equally applicable to postgraduates. If you would like some advice about the best way to target our postgraduate students, please contact the team via

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