International Talent

International Talent is a free recruitment service for Manchester-based businesses wishing to target students or graduates who have language expertise &/or country knowledge.

Giving you access to talented students with language skills and local country knowledge, International Talent helps you with your international business expansion and export growth plans.

International Talent at The University of Manchester: 10,060 international students representing over 160 countries.

International Talent can benefit your business through:

  • Easy access to a flexible workforce
  • Access to language skills & cultural knowledge
  • A cost effective & quick service
  • A potential workforce in your overseas market/s

How can we help?

The International Talent service includes :

  • Help with writing job descriptions.
  • Advice on rates of pay, recruitment timings and availability of student and graduate talent.
  • Promoting opportunities to targeted students/graduates with the language/knowledge sought.
  • Full recruitment support (receiving applications, first sifting, help with interview arrangements and unsuccessful candidate administration).

Opportunities advertised and promoted through International Talent can be full-time, part-time, internships or summer jobs.

International Talent is designed to help businesses target the right students at the right time.

How can students and graduates help businesses?

  • Assistance with researching new overseas markets
  • Help with making contacts to expand overseas markets
  • Liaison with key suppliers, clients and customers in their own language
  • Attending, or organising, international trade events
  • Cultural advice
  • Translation assistance