Lunchtime Live

Meet and talk with our students and graduates through our new programme of live chats and webinars.

Lunchtime Live provides you with a one hour slot over a weekday lunchtime to run a webinar. The webinar can be presentational about your company and the opportunities you have, a skills-based session about how to be successful with a video interview (for example), a Q&A about how to get work experience (eg, are placements still available, virtual internships?) or a recent graduate taking questions about what it’s like to work for your company – we’re happy to hear your ideas and suggestions.

The webinar would need to be hosted by yourself through whatever medium you use (eg, GoToWebinar, Zoom, etc), we would promote the event and the registration link to our students. You may wish to run a pre-recorded webinar you have used before, if so, we would ask that someone is available at the end of the presentation to provide live Q&A support. We would also be happy to store a copy of the event on our website (a new Lunchtime Live webpage coming soon) so students unable to attend on the day can view.

Contact Sarah White to find out more.